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7.10.2 fpalgebras_lib

Definitions of some finitely presented algebras and groups (Letterplace)
Karim Abou Zeid, karim.abou.zeid at rwth-aachen.de
Viktor Levandovskyy, viktor.levandovskyy at math.rwth-aachen.de
Grischa Studzinski, grischa.studzinski at rwth-aachen.de

Support: Project II.6 in the transregional collaborative research centre SFB-TRR 195 'Symbolic Tools in Mathematics and their Application' of the German DFG

Generation of various algebras, including group algebras of finitely presented groups in the Letterplace ring. FPA stands for finitely presented algebra.

Procedures: operatorAlgebra  description of some common algebras of operators serreRelations  compute the homogeneous part of Serre's relations associated to a generalized Cartan matrix A fullSerreRelations  compute the ideal of all Serre's relations associated to a generalized Cartan matrix A ademRelations  compute the ideal of Adem relations for i<2j in char 0 baumslagSolitar baumslagGroup crystallographicGroupP1 crystallographicGroupPM crystallographicGroupPG crystallographicGroupP2MM crystallographicGroupP2 crystallographicGroupP2GG crystallographicGroupCM crystallographicGroupC2MM crystallographicGroupP4 crystallographicGroupP4MM crystallographicGroupP4GM crystallographicGroupP3 crystallographicGroupP31M crystallographicGroupP3M1 crystallographicGroupP6 crystallographicGroupP6MM dyckGroup1 dyckGroup2 dyckGroup3 fibonacciGroup tetrahedronGroup triangularGroup  
See also: LETTERPLACE; fpadim_lib; fpaprops_lib; freegb_lib.