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7.10.4 freegb_lib

Two-sided Groebner bases in free algebras and tools via Letterplace approach
Viktor Levandovskyy, viktor.levandovskyy at math.rwth-aachen.de
Karim Abou Zeid, karim.abou.zeid at rwth-aachen.de
Grischa Studzinski, grischa.studzinski at math.rwth-aachen.de

For the theory, see chapter 'Letterplace' in the Singular Manual.

This library provides access to kernel functions and also contains legacy code (partially as static procedures) for compatibility reasons.

Support: Joint projects LE 2697/2-1 and KR 1907/3-1 of the Priority Programme SPP 1489: 'Algorithmische und Experimentelle Methoden in Algebra, Geometrie und Zahlentheorie' of the German DFG and Project II.6 of the transregional collaborative research centre SFB-TRR 195 'Symbolic Tools in Mathematics and their Application' of the German DFG

Procedures: isFreeAlgebra  check whether r is a letterplace ring (free algebra) lpDegBound  returns the degree bound of a letterplace ring lpVarBlockSize  returns the size of the letterplace blocks lpDivision  two-sided division with remainder lpGBPres2Poly  reconstructs a polynomial from the output of lpDivision isOrderingShiftInvariant  tests shift-invariance of the monomial ordering makeLetterplaceRing  (deprecated, use freeAlgebra) creates a Letterplace ring out of given data letplaceGBasis  (deprecated, use twostd) two-sided Groebner basis of a letterplace ideal I lieBracket  (deprecated, use bracket) iterated Lie bracket of two letterplace polynomials setLetterplaceAttributes  (for testing purposes) supplies ring R with the letterplace structure
See also: LETTERPLACE; fpadim_lib; fpalgebras_lib; fpaprops_lib.