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D. SINGULAR libraries

SINGULAR comes with a set of standard libraries. Their content is described in the following subsections.

Use the LIB command (see LIB) for loading of single libraries, and the command LIB "all.lib"; for loading all libraries.

See also PLURAL libraries.

Interpreter libraries:

D.1 standard_lib  extensions of Singular kernel
D.2 General purpose  
D.3 Linear algebra  
D.4 Commutative algebra  
D.5 Algebraic geometry  
D.6 Singularities  
D.7 Invariant theory  
D.8 Symbolic-numerical solving  
D.9 Visualization  
D.10 Coding theory  
D.11 System and Control theory  
D.12 Teaching  
D.13 Tropical Geometry  
D.14 Miscellaneous libraries  
D.15 Experimental libraries  
See PLURAL libraries, See LETTERPLACE libraries.