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D.2.3 general_lib

Elementary Computations of General Type


D.2.3.1 A_Z  string a,b,... of n comma separated letters
D.2.3.2 ASCII  string of printable ASCII characters (number n to m)
D.2.3.3 absValue  absolute value of c
D.2.3.4 binomial  n choose m (type int), [type bigint]
D.2.3.5 deleteSublist  delete entries given by iv from list l
D.2.3.6 factorial  n factorial (=n!) (type int), [type bigint]
D.2.3.7 fibonacci  nth Fibonacci number
D.2.3.8 kmemory  active [allocated] memory in kilobyte
D.2.3.9 killall  kill all user-defined variables
D.2.3.10 number_e  compute exp(1) up to n decimal digits
D.2.3.11 number_pi  compute pi (area of unit circle) up to n digits
D.2.3.12 primes  intvec of primes p, n<=p<=m
D.2.3.13 product  multiply components of vector/ideal/...[indices v]
D.2.3.14 sort  sort generators according to monomial ordering
D.2.3.15 sum  add components of vector/ideal/...[with indices v]
D.2.3.16 watchdog  only wait for result of command cmd for i seconds
D.2.3.17 primecoeffs  primefactors <= min(p,32003) of coeffs of J
D.2.3.18 timeStd  std(i) if the standard basis computation finished after d-1 seconds and i otherwhise
D.2.3.19 timeFactorize  factorize(p) if the factorization finished after d-1 seconds otherwhise f is considered to be irreducible
D.2.3.20 factorH  changes variables to become the last variable the principal one in the multivariate factorization and factorizes then the polynomial