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Install Singular 4-x-x on a Microsoft Windows Platform

1) install cygwin ( https://cygwin.com/setup-x86_64.exe) with default settings, additional,

at "Select Packages" choose wget.

2) in the cygwin terminal:

cd /

wget ftp://jim.mathematik.uni-kl.de/repo/cygwin/64/singular-4.3.1.tar.xz
tar Jxf singular-4.3.1.tar.xz

Now Singular can be started within the cygwin terminal as Singular.


Important Note: If you want to make use of the Singular command surfer, you will additionally have to download and install surfer-setup.exe, and make sure that the newly installed surfer.exe is included in the Windows environment variable Path.

All versions of Singular and all setup routines are powered by Cygwin and their setup program.