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7.3 Functions (plural)

This chapter gives a complete reference of all functions and commands of the PLURAL kernel, i.e. all built-in commands (for the PLURAL libraries see Non-commutative libraries).

The general syntax of a function is

                   [target =] function_name (<arguments>);

Note, that both Control structures and System variables of PLURAL are the same as of SINGULAR (see Control structures, System variables).

7.3.1 betti (plural)  
7.3.2 bracket  
7.3.3 dim (plural)  
7.3.4 division (plural)  
7.3.5 eliminate (plural)  
7.3.6 envelope  
7.3.7 fetch (plural)  
7.3.8 imap (plural)  
7.3.9 intersect (plural)  
7.3.10 kbase (plural)  
7.3.11 lift (plural)  
7.3.12 liftstd (plural)  
7.3.13 minres (plural)  
7.3.14 modulo (plural)  
7.3.15 mres (plural)  
7.3.16 nc_algebra  
7.3.17 ncalgebra  
7.3.18 nres (plural)  
7.3.19 oppose  
7.3.20 opposite  
7.3.21 preimage (plural)  
7.3.22 quotient (plural)  
7.3.23 reduce (plural)  
7.3.24 ringlist (plural)  
7.3.25 slimgb (plural)  
7.3.26 std (plural)  
7.3.27 subst (plural)  
7.3.28 syz (plural)  
7.3.29 twostd  
7.3.30 vdim (plural)