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How to cite SINGULAR

Singular is a free service to the scientific community. The only request we have is to acknowledge its usage.

If you have used Singular in the preparation of a publication, please use the following BibTeX entry (with adjusted Singular version and year, here 4-2-1 and 2021, respectively):

@misc {DGPS,
 title = {{\sc Singular} {4-3-0} --- {A} computer algebra system for polynomial computations},
 author = {Decker, Wolfram and Greuel, Gert-Martin and Pfister, Gerhard and Sch\"onemann, Hans},
 year = {2022},
 howpublished = {\url{http://www.singular.uni-kl.de}},

If you are using LaTeX, but not BibTeX, here is the bibliography environment of LaTeX. (Again, Singular version and year may have to be adjusted.)

Decker, W.; Greuel, G.-M.; Pfister, G.; Sch{\"o}nemann, H.:
\newblock {\sc Singular} {4-3-0} --- {A} computer algebra system for polynomial computations.
\newblock {https://www.singular.uni-kl.de} (2022).

Please remember that Singular itself uses other C/C++ libraries, like NTL, GMP, etc.

If you have used a particular Singular library then you should, additionally, cite it as in the following example:

Greuel, G.-M.; Laplagne, S.; Pfister, G.:
{\tt normal.lib}. {A} {\sc Singular} {4-2-0} library for computing
the normalization of affine rings (2020).

(Make once again sure that Singular version and year are correct.)
Information on author(s) and purpose of a library can be found in the header of the library file (here: normal.lib).