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D.13.3.22 texDrawTropical

Procedure from library tropical.lib (see tropical_lib).

texDrawTropical(graph[,#]); graph list, # optional list

graph is the output of tropicalCurve

string, the texdraw code of the tropical plane curve encoded by graph

- if the list # is non-empty, the first entry should be a string; if this string is 'max', then the tropical curve is considered with respect to the maximum
- the procedure computes a scalefactor for the texdraw command which should help to display the curve in the right way; this may, however, be a bad idea if several texDrawTropical outputs are put together to form one image; the scalefactor can be prescribed by the further optional entry of type poly
- one can add a string as last opional argument to the list #; it can be used to insert further texdraw commands (e.g. to have a lighter image as when called from inside conicWithTangents);
- the list # is optional and may as well be empty

LIB "tropical.lib";
ring r=(0,t),(x,y),dp;
poly f=x+y+x2y+xy2+1/t*xy;
list graph=tropicalCurve(f);
// compute the texdraw code of the tropical curve defined by f
// compute the texdraw code again, but set the scalefactor to 1