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E.2.1 Version schema for Singular

SINGULAR version is of the form a.b.c.d which may also be written as a-b-c-d where a,b,c and d are numbers:

  • a is changed with major, incompatible changes
  • b is changed with incompatible changes (of some commands/libraries)
  • c is changed with compatible chnages (i.e. new commands, extended options, new algorithms, etc.)
  • d is changed with each release (i.e. with bug fixes, etc.)
SINGULAR does also have "inofficiall" build orginating from a code version between "officiall" version: such builds display "Development version a.b.c" in the header while "official" versions show "version a.b.c". Also the manual describes version a-b-c. To get the complete version number, use system("version"); or use SINGULAR_VERSION in C.