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7.7.8 freegb_lib

Compute two-sided Groebner bases in free algebras via
Viktor Levandovskyy, viktor.levandovskyy@math.rwth-aachen.de
Grischa Studzinski, grischa.studzinski@math.rwth-aachen.de

For the theory, see chapter 'Letterplace' in the @sc{Singular} Manual

Procedures: makeLetterplaceRing  creates a ring with d blocks of shifted original
variables letplaceGBasis  computes two-sided Groebner basis of a letterplace ideal I
up to a degree bound lpNF  normal form of f with respect to ideal I freeGBasis  computes two-sided Groebner basis of an ideal, encoded via
list L, up to degree n setLetterplaceAttributes  supplies ring R with the letterplace structure lpMult  letterplace multiplication of letterplace polynomials shiftPoly  compute the i-th shift of letterplace polynomial p lpPower  natural power of a letterplace polynomial lp2lstr  convert letter-place ideal to a list of modules lst2str  convert a list (of modules) into polynomials in free algebra mod2str  convert a module into a polynomial in free algebra vct2str  convert a vector into a word in free algebra lieBracket  compute Lie bracket ab-ba of two letterplace polynomials serreRelations  compute the homogeneous part of Serre's relations
associated to a generalized Cartan matrix A fullSerreRelations  compute the ideal of all Serre's relations
associated to a generalized Cartan matrix A isVar  check whether p is a power of a single variable ademRelations  compute the ideal of Adem relations for i<2j in char 0
See also: LETTERPLACE; fpadim_lib.