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D.2.9 random_lib

Creating Random and Sparse Matrices, Ideals, Polys


D.2.9.1 genericid  generic sparse linear combinations of generators of i
D.2.9.2 randomid  random linear combinations of generators of id
D.2.9.3 randommat  nxm matrix of random linear combinations of id
D.2.9.4 sparseid  ideal of k random sparse poly's of degree d [u<=d<=o]
D.2.9.5 sparsematrix  nxm sparse matrix of polynomials of degree<=o
D.2.9.6 sparsemat  nxm sparse integer matrix with random coefficients
D.2.9.7 sparsepoly  random sparse polynomial with terms of degree in [u,o]
D.2.9.8 sparsetriag  nxm sparse lower-triag intmat with random coefficients
D.2.9.9 sparseHomogIdeal  ideal with k sparse homogeneous generators of degree in [u, o]
D.2.9.10 triagmatrix  nxm sparse lower-triag matrix of poly's of degree<=o
D.2.9.11 randomLast  random transformation of the last variable
D.2.9.12 randomBinomial  binomial ideal, k random generators of degree >=u