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D.4.15 mprimdec_lib

procedures for primary decomposition of modules
Alexander Dreyer, dreyer@mathematik.uni-kl.de; adreyer@web.de

Algorithms for primary decomposition for modules based on the algorithms of Gianni, Trager and Zacharias and
Shimoyama and Yokoyama (generalization of the latter suggested by Hans-Gert Graebe, Leipzig )
using elments of primdec.lib

These procedures are implemented to be used in characteristic 0.
They also work in positive characteristic >> 0.
In small characteristic and for algebraic extensions, the procedures via Gianni, Trager, Zacharias may not terminate.


D.4.15.1 separator  computes a list of separators of prime ideals
D.4.15.2 PrimdecA  (not necessarily minimal) primary decomposition via Shimoyama/Yokoyama (suggested by Graebe)
D.4.15.3 PrimdecB  (not necessarily minimal) primary decomposition for pseudo-primary ideals
D.4.15.4 modDec  minimal primary decomposition via Shimoyama/Yokoyama (suggested by Graebe)
D.4.15.5 zeroMod  minimal zero-dimensional primary decomposition via Gianni, Trager and Zacharias
D.4.15.6 GTZmod  minimal primary decomposition via Gianni, Trager and Zacharias
D.4.15.7 dec1var  primary decomposition for one variable
D.4.15.8 annil  the annihilator of M/N in the basering
D.4.15.9 splitting  splitting to simpler modules
D.4.15.10 primTest  tests whether i is prime or homogeneous
D.4.15.11 preComp  enhanced Version of splitting
D.4.15.12 indSet  lists with varstrings of(in)dependend variables
D.4.15.13 GTZopt  a faster version of GTZmod
D.4.15.14 zeroOpt  a faster version of zeroMod