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D.5.9 reszeta_lib

topological Zeta-function and some other applications of desingularization

A. Fruehbis-Krueger, anne@mathematik.uni-kl.de,
G. Pfister, pfister@mathematik.uni-kl.de

[1] Fruehbis-Krueger,A., Pfister,G.: Some Applications of Resolution of
Singularities from a Practical Point of View, in Computational
Commutative and Non-commutative Algebraic Geometry,
NATO Science Series III, Computer and Systems Sciences 196, 104-117 (2005) [2] Fruehbis-Krueger: An Application of Resolution of Singularities:
Computing the topological Zeta-function of isolated surface singularities
in (C^3,0), in D.Cheniot, N.Dutertre et al.(Editors): Singularity Theory,
World Scientific Publishing (2007)


D.5.9.1 intersectionDiv  computes intersection form and genera of exceptional divisors (isolated singularities of surfaces)
D.5.9.2 spectralNeg  computes negative spectral numbers (isolated hypersurface singularity)
D.5.9.3 discrepancy  computes discrepancy of given resolution
D.5.9.4 zetaDL  computes Denef-Loeser zeta function (hypersurface singularity of dimension 2)
D.5.9.5 collectDiv  identify exceptional divisors in different charts (embedded and non-embedded case)
D.5.9.6 prepEmbDiv  prepare list of divisors (including components of strict transform, embedded case)
D.5.9.7 abstractR  pass from embedded to non-embedded resolution
D.5.9.8 computeV  multiplicities of divisors in pullback of volume form
D.5.9.9 computeN  multiplicities of divisors in total transform of resolution