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D.6.1 alexpoly_lib

Resolution Graph and Alexander Polynomial
Fernando Hernando Carrillo, hernando@agt.uva.es
Thomas Keilen, keilen@mathematik.uni-kl.de

A library for computing the resolution graph of a plane curve singularity f, the total multiplicities of the total transforms of the branches of f along the exceptional divisors of a minimal good resolution of f, the Alexander polynomial of f, and the zeta function of its monodromy operator.


D.6.1.1 resolutiongraph  resolution graph f
D.6.1.2 totalmultiplicities  resolution graph, total multiplicities and strict multiplicities of f
D.6.1.3 alexanderpolynomial  Alexander polynomial of f
D.6.1.4 semigroup  calculates generators for the semigroup of f
D.6.1.5 proximitymatrix  calculates the proximity matrix of f
D.6.1.6 multseq2charexp  converts multiplicity sequence to characteristic exponents
D.6.1.7 charexp2multseq  converts characteristic exponents to multiplicity sequence
D.6.1.8 charexp2generators  converts characteristic exponents to generators of the semigroup
D.6.1.9 charexp2inter  converts contact matrix and charact. exp. to intersection matrix
D.6.1.10 charexp2conductor  converts characteristic exponents to conductor
D.6.1.11 charexp2poly  calculates a polynomial f with characteristic exponents v
D.6.1.12 tau_es2  equisingular Tjurina number of f