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D.6.15 sing_lib

Invariants of Singularities
Gert-Martin Greuel, email: greuel@mathematik.uni-kl.de
Bernd Martin, email: martin@math.tu-cottbus.de


D.6.15.1 codim  vector space dimension of id2/id1 if finite
D.6.15.2 deform  infinitesimal deformations of ideal i
D.6.15.3 dim_slocus  dimension of singular locus of ideal i
D.6.15.4 is_active  is polynomial f an active element mod id? (id ideal/module)
D.6.15.5 is_ci  is ideal i a complete intersection?
D.6.15.6 is_is  is ideal i an isolated singularity?
D.6.15.7 is_reg  is polynomial f a regular element mod id? (id ideal/module)
D.6.15.8 is_regs  are gen's of ideal i regular sequence modulo id?
D.6.15.9 locstd  SB for local degree ordering without cancelling units
D.6.15.10 milnor  milnor number of ideal i; (assume i is ICIS in nf)
D.6.15.11 nf_icis  generic combinations of generators; get ICIS in nf
D.6.15.12 slocus  ideal of singular locus of ideal i
D.6.15.13 qhspectrum  spectrum numbers of w-homogeneous polynomial f
D.6.15.14 Tjurina  SB of Tjurina module of ideal i (assume i is ICIS)
D.6.15.15 tjurina  Tjurina number of ideal i (assume i is ICIS)
D.6.15.16 T_1  T^1-module of ideal i
D.6.15.17 T_2  T^2-module of ideal i
D.6.15.18 T_12  T^1- and T^2-module of ideal i
D.6.15.19 tangentcone  compute tangent cone of id