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D.9.2 latex_lib

Typesetting of Singular-Objects in LaTeX2e
Christian Gorzel, gorzelc@math.uni-muenster.de

Global variables:
TeXwidth, TeXnofrac, TeXbrack, TeXproj, TeXaligned, TeXreplace, NoDollars are used to control the typesetting. Call texdemo(); to obtain a LaTeX2e file texlibdemo.tex explaining the features of latex.lib and its global variables.
  TeXwidth (int) -1, 0, 1..9, >9:  controls breaking of long polynomials
  TeXnofrac (int) flag:  write 1/2 instead of \frac{1}{2}
  TeXbrack (string) "{", "(", "<", "|", empty string:
                                   controls brackets around ideals and matrices
  TeXproj (int) flag:  write ":" instead of "," in vectors
  TeXaligned (int) flag:  write maps (and ideals) aligned
  TeXreplace (list) list entries = 2 strings:  replacing symbols
  NoDollars (int) flag:  suppresses surrounding $ signs


D.9.2.1 closetex  writes closing line for LaTeX-document
D.9.2.2 opentex  writes header for LaTeX-file fnm
D.9.2.3 tex  calls LaTeX2e for LaTeX-file fnm
D.9.2.4 texdemo  produces a file explaining the features of this lib
D.9.2.5 texfactorize  creates string in LaTeX-format for factors of polynomial f
D.9.2.6 texmap  creates string in LaTeX-format for map m:r1->r2
D.9.2.7 texname  creates string in LaTeX-format for identifier
D.9.2.8 texobj  creates string in LaTeX-format for any (basic) type
D.9.2.9 texpoly  creates string in LaTeX-format for poly
D.9.2.10 texproc  creates string in LaTeX-format of text from proc p
D.9.2.11 texring  creates string in LaTeX-format for ring/qring
D.9.2.12 rmx  removes .aux and .log files of LaTeX-files
D.9.2.13 xdvi  calls xdvi for dvi-files (parameters in square brackets [] are optional) (Procedures with file output assume sufficient write permissions when trying to append existing or create new files.)