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3.2.3 Demo mode

The Emacs interface can be used to run interactive SINGULAR demonstrations. A demonstration is started by loading a so-called SINGULAR demo file with the Emacs command singular-demo-load, bound to C-c C-d, or with the menu Commands->Load Demo.

A SINGULAR demo file should consist of SINGULAR commands separated by blank lines. When running a demo, the input up to the next blank line is echoed to the screen. Hitting RETURN executes the echoed commands and shows their output. Hitting RETURN again, echos the next commands to the screen, and so on, until all commands of the demo file are executed. While running a demo, you can execute other commands on the SINGULAR prompt: the next input from the demo file is then echoed again, if you hit RETURN on an empty input line.

A SINGULAR demo can prematurely be exited by either starting another demo, or by executing the Emacs command singular-demo-exit (menu: Commands->Exit Demo).

Some aspects of running SINGULAR demos can be customized. See Customization of the Emacs interface, for more info.