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E.3 libSingular

libSingular is the C++-library version of SINGULAR.
Singular/libsingular.h is the main include file, -lSingular the link parameter,
lib/pkgconfig/Singular.pc provides all parameters in the pkconfig format.

It contains all parts of SINGULAR with the following exceptions:

  1. memory allocation functions for GMP (see mmInit in Singular/tesths.cc)
  2. signal handlers (see init_signals in Singular/cntrlc.cc).
    At least a handler for SIGCHLD must be installed for the routines from parallel_lib, modstd_lib, modnormal_lib, tasks_lib.
    If the child was started by libSingular the handler has to call sig_chld_hdl from Singular/links/ssiLink.cc or implement something similiar (call slClose(l) for ssi links).
  3. error handlers for factory, NTL (see init_signals in Singular/cntrlc.cc).