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E.5 Unix installation instructions

Install binaries: http://www.singular.uni-kl.de/index.php/singular-download/install-linuxunix.html

or build it yourself:

  • Install the necessary packages:
    • libtool
    • gnu make
    • gcc, g++
    • libreadline
    • gmp
    • ntl
    • libcdd
  • Install flint 2.5: ./configure --with-gmp=/usr --prefix=$HOME/tmp --disable-shared
    make && make install
  • Install Singular ./configure --with-flint=$HOME/tmp --enable-gfanlib --prefix=$HOME/Singular4
    make && make install
    ($prefix/bin/Singular is the main execuatble)
  • (optional) install 4ti2
  • (optional) install surf/surfer
  • (optional) install normaliz 2.8 (or newer)

See also https://github.com/Singular/Sources/wiki/Step-by-Step-Installation-Instructions-for-Singular which includes instructions adapted for debian and fedora based systems.