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3.5.6 Flow control

A block is a sequence of commands surrounded by { and }.

Blocks are used whenever SINGULAR is used as a structured programming language. The if and else structures allow conditional execution of blocks (see if, else). for and while loops are available for a repeated execution of blocks (see for, while). In procedure definitions, the main part and the example section are blocks as well(see proc).
5.2.2 break  
5.2.13 quit  
5.2.11 keepring  
5.2.6 export  
5.2.7 exportto  
5.2.9 if  
5.2.10 importfrom  
5.2.5 else  
5.2.8 for  
5.2.15 while  
4.17 proc  
5.2.14 return  
5.2.4 continue