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7.5.12 ncfactor_lib

Tools for factorization in some noncommutative algebras
Albert Heinle, aheinle at uwaterloo.ca
Viktor Levandovskyy, levandov at math.rwth-aachen.de

In this library, new methods for factorization on polynomials
are implemented for several types of algebras, namely
- finitely presented (and also free) associative algebras (Letterplace subsystem)
- G-algebras (Plural subsystem), including (q)-Weyl and (q)-shift algebras in 2n variables
The determination of the best algorithm available for users input is done
automatically in the procedure ncfactor().

More detailled description of the algorithms and related publications can be found at @url{https://cs.uwaterloo.ca/~aheinle/}.

Procedures: ncfactor  Factorization in any finitely presented algebra (incl. G-algebra) facWeyl  Factorization in the n'th Weyl algebra facFirstWeyl  Factorization in the first Weyl algebra testNCfac  Tests factorizations from a given list for correctness facSubWeyl  Factorization in the first Weyl algebra as a subalgebra facShift  Factorization in the n'th shift algebra facFirstShift  Factorization in the first shift algebra homogfacNthWeyl  Homogeneous factorization in the n'th Weyl algebra homogfacNthQWeyl  Homogeneous factorization in the n'th Q-Weyl algebra homogfacFirstQWeyl  Homogeneous factorization in the first Q-Weyl algebra homogfacNthQWeyl_all  Homogeneous factorization (complete) in the n'th Q-Weyl algebra homogfacFirstQWeyl_all  Homogeneous factorization (complete) in the first Q-Weyl algebra tst_ncfactor  Runs the examples of all contained not static functions. Test thing.