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4.6 int

Variables of type int represent the machine integers and are, therefore, limited in their range (e.g., the range is between -2147483647 and 2147483647 on 32-bit machines). They are mainly used to count things (dimension, rank, etc.), in loops (see for), and to represent boolean values (FALSE is represented by 0, every other value means TRUE, see boolean expressions).

Integers consist of a sequence of digits, possibly preceded by a sign. A space is considered as a separator, so it is not allowed between digits. A sequence of digits outside the allowed range is converted to the type bigint, see bigint.

4.6.1 int declarations  
4.6.2 int expressions  
4.6.3 int operations  
4.6.5 boolean expressions  
4.6.6 boolean operations  
4.6.4 int related functions