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Release of SINGULAR 3-1-2

News for version 3-1-2

This version starts some reorganization: a section for new libraries: (see Experimental libraries), preparations for parallel computations (see modstd_libSsi links), some linear algebra (see below), many new libaries, many bug fixes etc. (especially factorization stuff and memory management).

New Singular functions

New Singular link types

  • ssi: experimental Singular-Singular interface (see Ssi links)
  • pipe: string based interface to any program (see Pipe links)

New Singular libraries

  • new library: findiff.lib (see findiff_lib: finite difference schemes for linear differential equations)
  • new library: fpadim.lib (see fpadim_lib: Algorithms for quotient algebras in the letterplace case)
  • new library: integralbasis.lib (see integralbasis_lib: Integral basis in algebraic function fields)
  • new library: monomialideal.lib (see monomialideal_lib: operation for monomial ideals)
  • new library: multigrading.lib (see multigrading_lib: multigradings and related computations)
  • new library: ncfactor.lib (see ncfactor_lib:Tools for factorization in some noncommutative algebras)
  • new library: paraplanecurves.lib (see paraplanecurves_lib: Rational parametrization of rational plane curves)
  • new library: primdecint.lib (see primdecint_lib: primary decomposition over the integers)
  • new library: resbin.lib (see resbin_lib: resolution of singularities of binomial ideals
  • new library: resjung.lib (see resjung_lib: resolution of surface singularities by Jung's Algorithm
  • new library: surfacesignature.lib (see surfacesignature_lib: signature of irreducible surface singularities

Changed Singular libraries

  • changed library: dmodapp.lib (see dmodapp_lib: Applications of algebraic D-modules
  • changed library: dmodvar.lib (see dmodvar_lib: algebraic D-modules for varieties
  • extended library: modstd.lib (see modstd_lib: Groebner basis via modular methods
  • extended library: normal.lib (see normal_lib:Normalization of Affine Rings)
  • rewritten library: sagbi.lib (see sagbi_lib: subalgebra bases analogous to Groebner bases for ideals)

Internal Changes

  • new gcd code
  • new factorization code