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Release of SINGULAR 3-1-3

News for version 3-1-3

User defined types

New types can be defined, see User defined types.

Handling objects from python

(Experimental) The new data type pyobject allows to access some python funtionality within SINGULAR, see pyobject.

Currently, it is only available for those who build Singular from the sources: Please activate it by typing ./configure --with-python See ./configure --help for details.

New Singular functions

New Singular libraries

  • new library: cisimplicial.lib (see cisimplicial_lib: Is the toric ideal of a simplicial toric variety a complete intersection?) - extends and susbtitute cimonom.lib
  • new library: grobcov.lib (see grobcov_lib: Groebner Cover for parametric ideals, extends and susbtitutes redcgs.lib
  • renamed resbin.lib to resbinomial.lib, see resbinomial_lib.