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Release of SINGULAR 3-1-5

News for version 3-1-5

New data types

Changed SINGULAR commands

  • sqrfree: ( sqrfree): changed implementation, arguments, return type

New SINGULAR libraries

  • new library: locnormal.lib: Normalization of affine domains using local methods ( locnormal_lib)
  • new library: modnormal.lib: Normalization of affine domains using modular methods ( modnormal_lib)
  • new library: realizationMatroids.lib: Deciding Relative Realizability for Tropical Fan Curves in 2-Dimensional Matroidal Fans ( realizationMatroids_lib)

Changed SINGULAR libraries

Interface to gfanlib/polymake

  • use gfanlib via fan/cone/polytope
  • use polymake via polymake.so

Internal Changes

  • factorization code for extension fields improved