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Release of SINGULAR 3.0.0 for Unix

Release of Singular version 3.0.0 is now available for most Unix platforms (including Mac PPC Darwin):


The current version 3.0.0 is the first in the new release series version 3-0.

Singular version 3 has a greater functionality and an improved architecture. Major new features are:

  • Dynamic modules
  • non-commutative extension PLURAL
  • name spaces ( package)
  • easy manipulation of rings ( ringlist)
  • improved speed of maps ( subst, map)
  • variant of Faugeres F4: slimgb.
  • improved factorization (integration of NTL, factorization over algebraic extensions, zeroset.lib)
  • improved gcd of polynomials (including bug fixes)
  • ports to more architectures including automatic building from source (fink on Mac, ebuild on Gentoo)
  • more help browsers supported, user extendable (help.cnf)
  • better support of graded modules
  • many bugs fixed

Besides theses internal changes, Singular version 3 offers many new features and functionalities (which were partly already incorporated in the 2-1 pre-release series).