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Release of SINGULAR 3-0-2

Singular version 3.0.2 available for Windows / Mac OS / Linux:

Updates for version 3.0.2

The current version 3.0.2 is mainly a bug fix release, but it contains also some new features:

  • factory, libfac updated for gcc 4.1.x
  • configure/speed improved for 64bit architectures
  • new library: dmod.lib ( dmod_lib)
  • new library: perron.lib ( perron_lib)
  • improved center.lib ( center_lib): revised implementation, new functions (sa_reduce etc.)
  • revised ncalg.lib ( ncalg_lib): new algebras, U(sl_n) and U(g_2) changed to conform GAP.
  • new algorithms in primdec.lib ( primdec_lib): radical et al.
  • improved version of slimgb, incorporated into groebner
  • improved module generator (modgen)
  • experimental: new type bigint
  • more architectures: Solaris on x86/opteron, ...
  • build process improved: builds automatically without patches on 64bit architectures