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Release of SINGULAR 3-0-3

Release of Singular version 3.0.3: available for most Unix platforms, Windows and Mac OS X:

Updates for version 3.0.3

The current version 3.0.3 is stabilyzing release, a result of a long beta test and the integration of a lot of small fixes which were on our waiting list for integration.

It contains also a lot of new features:

  • licence changed: omalloc and MP are now (also) available under GPL; that means that all parts of SINGULAR are licenced under GPL (resp. LGPL).
  • factory, libfac, Singular updated for gcc 4.1.x
  • kernel updated for the optional use of boost.
  • can now be built as a library.
  • new operator a:b gives an intvec of length b with constant entries a
  • new command: ( chinrem): lifting via chinese remainder theorem
  • new command: ( interpolation): ideal of points with given multiplicities
  • non-commutative kernel subsystem was rewritten in order to support specific algebras more efficiently. Implemented algebras at the moment: super-commutative algebras (in particular exterior algebras).
  • std et al.: new selection strategy for reductions ( option (length)).
  • reduce: new strategy for selection and normalization.
  • simplify slightly changed: does not omit zero polynomial unless specified.
  • new library: compregb.lib ( compregb_lib): comprehensive Groebner base system
  • new library: kskernel.lib ( kskernel_lib): kernel of the kodaira-spencer map for irreducible plane curve singularities
  • new library: modstd.lib ( modstd_lib): Groebner base computations over the rational numbers via modular computations
  • new library: noether.lib ( noether_lib): Noether normalization of an ideal(not nessecary homogeneous)
  • new library: atkins.lib ( atkins_lib): the elliptic curve primality test of Atkin
  • new library: aksaka.lib ( aksaka_lib): primality testing after Agrawal, Saxena, Kayal
  • new library: arcpoint.lib ( arcpoint_lib): truncations of arcs at a singular point
  • new library: resgraph.lib ( resgraph_lib): visualization of resolution data.
  • new library: realrad.lib ( realrad_lib): computation of the real radical over the rational numbers and extensions thereof
  • new library: hyperel.lib ( hyperel_lib): divisors in the jacobian of hyperelliptic curves
  • new library: curvepar.lib ( curvepar_lib): space curves
  • new library: sagbi.lib ( sagbi_lib): subalgebras bases analogous to Groebner bases for ideals
  • new library: surfex.lib ( surfex_lib): visualizing and rotating surfaces
  • new library: cimonom.lib ( cimonom_lib): determines if the toric ideal of an affine monomial curve is a complete intersection.
  • sheafcoh_lib: new experimental functions, in particular sheafCohBGG2
  • library ncall.lib merged into all_lib
  • library center.lib (center_lib) renamed to central.lib ( central_lib)
  • nctools_lib: new functions for super-commutative algebras (i.e. SuperCommutative, IsSCA, AltVarStart, AltVarEnd)
  • resolve.lib: blow ups revised ( resolve_lib)
  • new algorithms in primdec.lib ( primdec_lib): radical et al.
  • improved version of slimgb, incorporated into groebner, strategy change in groebner
  • finvar.lib: the algorithm of secondary_char0 is now used in general in the non-modular case ( finvar_lib)
  • finvar.lib: new algorithm for irred_secondary_char0 ( finvar_lib)
  • finvar.lib: new function irred_secondary_no_molien ( finvar_lib)
  • finvar.lib: new functions for computing minimal generating sets of invariant rings of finite groups in the non-modular case: invariant_algebra_reynolds for finite matrix groups and invariant_algebra_perm for permutation groups ( finvar_lib)
  • operation for sparse matrices improved: multiplication, prune, conversion to module