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Release of SINGULAR 3-1-1

Dear Singular users,

we would like to announce the new Singular version,
Singular 3.1.1.

Here is a summary of what's new. You may find more information at

The new version is already available at http://www.singular.uni-kl.de for most Unix platforms, and for Windows. The Os X version will follow soon.

NEWS in Singular 3.1.1

* new option qringNF, see option.
* new system command system("cpu"), see system.

New Singular functions
* new command: farey: lifting to Q (see farey)
* new command: monomial (see monomial)
* command extended: liftstd also computes syzygies. (see liftstd)
* command extended: minor has more options. (see minor)
* command extended: opposite (see opposite)

Internal Changes
* new minor code
* removed EXTGCD (use extgcd)
* moved mp_set_memory_functions-call from kernel/mminit.cc to
tesths.cc:main (in order not to call it for libsingular)

New Singular libraries
* new library: normaliz.lib (see normaliz_lib: Interface to
Normaliz 2.2)

Changed Singular libraries
* homolog.lib ( homolog_lib): canonMap
* dmod.lib ( dmod_lib): operatorModulo