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Release of SINGULAR 4-0-0

News for version 4-0-0

Version 4-0-0 is a milestone relase of Singular. The new release series 4 aims for an entirely modularized architecture simplifying connectivity with other systems and paving the way for parallel computations. As a first step in modularization, the new release features an internal structural separation of coefficient rings and polynomial rings. This allows for a flexible integration of new coefficient rings.

SINGULAR 4-0-0's list of new functionality and significant improvements further extends that of the 3-1-6/7 prerelease series.

New functionality


  • de Rham cohomology of complements of algebraic varieties ( derham_lib)
  • Gromov-Witten numbers of elliptic curves ( ellipticcovers_lib)
  • classification of isolated complete intersection singularities in characteristic 0 ( classifyci_lib)
  • parametrization of orbits of unipotent actions ( orbitparam_lib)
  • F5-like Groebner basis algorithm ( sba)
  • element-wise application of functions to data structures ( apply)
  • support for debugging libraries ( ASSUME)

Improved functionality



SINGULAR is available as source code and for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, FreeBSD and SunOS-5.