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Release of SINGULAR 4-1-0

News for version 4-1-0

Syntax changes:

  • new (additional) form of ring definitions: (for example ring R=QQ[x,y,z];) ( General syntax of a ring declaration)
  • new (additional) form of multi-indicies: (for example i(1,2,3,4,5)) ( Names)
  • changed behaviour of charstr ( charstr)
  • new data type cring to describe the coeffient rings, to be used for the new definitions for (polynomial) rings ( General syntax of a ring declaration)
  • new command ring_list to access the parts used to contruct polynomial rings ( ring_list, ringlist)
  • extended polynomial ring construction: also from lists produced by ring_list
  • new attribute ring_cf for ring ( attrib)
  • printing of rings changed to match cring names ( charstr)

New libraries:

  • new library: classifyMapGerms.lib: standard basis of the tangent space at the orbit of an algebraic group action ( classifyMapGerms_lib)
  • new library: ffmodstd.lib: Groebner bases of ideals in polynomial rings over algebraic function fields( ffmodstd_lib)
  • new library: nfmodsyz.lib: syzygy modules of submodules of free modules over algebraic number fields( nfmodsyz_lib)
  • new library: curveInv.lib: invariants of curves ( curveInv_lib)
  • new library: gfan.lib: interface to gfanlib ( gfan_lib)
  • extended library: interface to polymake merged into polymake_lib
  • new library: tropicalNewton.lib: Newton polygon methods in tropical geometry ( tropicalNewton_lib)
  • new library: schubert.lib: some procedures for intersction theory ( schubert_lib)

Changed libraries:

Changes in the kernel:

  • improved mapping of polynomials/ideals/...
  • port to gcc 6
  • port to gfanlib 0.6 (requires C++11, i.e. gcc >=4.3)
  • port to NTL 10
  • port to polymake 3.0
  • port to readline 7
  • sba works for global orderings, also for coefficient types Z and Z/m
  • std works for all orderings, also for coefficient types Z and Z/m with local/mixed orderings
  • factorize works for polynomial rings over ZZ

Experimental stuff: