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Release of SINGULAR 4-1-1

News for version 4-1-1

New syntax:

  • alias: may be used as a prefix to a variable declaration. Can only be used in procedure headings. ( General command syntax).

New command:

  • fres: improved version of sres: computes a (not necessarily minimal) free resolution of the input ideal/module, using Schreyer's algorithm. ( fres, sres).

Extended commands:

New libraries:

  • classify2.lib: Classification of isolated singularities of corank <=2 and modality <= wrt. right equivalence over the complex numbers according to Arnold's list. ( classify2_lib)
  • goettsche.lib: Goettsche's formula for the Betti numbers of the Hilbert scheme of points on a surface, Macdonald's formula for the symmetric product ( goettsche_lib)
  • combinat.lib, modules.lib, methods,lib, nets.lib: a more mathematical view of modules ( combinat_lib: combinatorics), ( methods_lib: construct procedures), ( modules_lib: free resolutions), ( nets_lib: pretty printing)
  • ncHilb.lib: Hilbert series of non-commutative monomial algebras ( ncHilb_lib)
  • realclassify.lib: Classification of real singularities( realclassify_lib)
  • rootisolation.lib: real root isolation using interval arithmetic( rootisolation_lib)
  • rstandard.lib: Janet bases and border bases for ideals ( rstandard_lib)

Changed libraries:

Changes in the kernel/build system:

  • port to polymake 3.x.x
  • port to NTL 10 with threads (needs also C++11: gcc6 or -std=c++11)
  • p_Invers is only a helper for p_Series: now static
  • p_Divide is now p_MDivide, pDivive is a new routine