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Release of SINGULAR 4-1-2

News for version 4-1-2

New libraries:

  • arnoldclassify.lib: Arnol'd Classifier of Singularities ( arnoldclassify_lib)
  • difform.lib: Procedures for differential forms ( difform_lib)
  • dmodideal.lib: Algorithms for Bernstein-Sato ideals of morphisms ( dmodideal_lib)
  • fpalgebras.lib: Generation of various algebras in the letterplace case ( fpalgebras_lib)
  • ncrat.lib: non-commutatie rational functions ( ncrat_lib)

Changed libraries:

  • freegb.lib: lpDivision, lpPrint ( freegb_lib)
  • fpadim.lib ( fpadim_lib)
  • schreyer.lib: deprecated
  • goettsche.lib: new, extended version (The Nakajima-Yoshioka formula up to n-th degree,Poincare Polynomial of the punctual Quot-scheme of rank r on n planar points Betti numbers of the punctual Quot-scheme of rank r on n planar points)( goettsche_lib)
  • grobcov.lib: small bug fix ( grobcov_lib)

Changes in the kernel/build system:

  • integrated xalloc into omalloc: (./configure --disable-omalloc)
  • improved heuristic for det ( det)
  • improved reading of long polynomials
  • improved groebner bases over Z coefficients
  • code for free algebras (letterplace rings) rewritten (using now the standrad +,-,*,^,std,...) ( LETTERPLACE)
  • new commands rightstd ( rightstd (letterplace))
  • extended twostd to LETTERPLACE ( twostd (letterplace), twostd (plural))
  • pseudo type polyBucket
  • new type smatrix: sparse matrix (experimental) ( smatrix).
  • extended coef to ideals ( coef).
  • error and signal handling in libSingular ( libSingular).
  • updated gfanlib to version 0.6.2
  • port to NTL 11 (needs C++11: gcc6 or -std=c++11), which does not conflict with polymake (needs C++14)