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Release of SINGULAR 4-2-0

Syntax changes:

New libraries:


Changed libraries:

  • classify_aeq.lib: new procedure classSpaceCurve ( classify_aeq_lib)
  • grobcov.lib: new version ( grobcov_lib)
  • modular.lib: parallel version for verification via system("verifyGB",I)

New commands:

  • system("verifyGB",I): test, if I is a Groebner basis (using parallel processes)
  • Letterplace: modulo,syz,lift,liftstd, rightStd ( LETTERPLACE)

Changes in the kernel/build system:

  • update for using FLINT 2.6.x and for FLINT 2.7.0
  • Singular can be build with NTL or FLINT or both (if non is availabel, factroize and gcd will not work.)