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Release of SINGULAR 4-3-0

News for version 4.3.0

New libraries:

  • enumpoints.lib: enumerating rational points ( enumpoints_lib)
  • sagbigrob.lib: Sagbi-Groebner basis of an ideal of a subalgebra ( sagbigrob_lib)
  • puiseuxexpansion.lib: Puiseux expansions over algebraic extensions ( puiseuxexpansions_lib)
  • integralbasis_lib: Integral basis in algebraic function fields: new version ( integralbasis_lib)

Changes in the kernel/build system:

  • ABI change: all number routines (n_...) have only coeffs as last argument, functions with ring as last argument are removed
  • PATH is not changed for system("sh",..) (use SingularBin)
  • hilb avoids int overflow (also in degree, stdhilb)
  • liftstd (with 2 arguments) improved ( liftstd)
  • noether improved ( noether), use in groebner(I,"HC") for faster results for local orderings, 0-dimensional ideals ( groebner).
  • letterplace routines improved ( LETTERPLACE)
  • info file is now singular.info instead of singular.hlp
  • update for using FLINT 2.8.x