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Release of SINGULAR 3-1-0-1

News for version

  • new coefficients: Z, Z/m, Z/(2^n) (see Rings and orderings)
  • new handling of the default argument in libraries (see Parameter list)
  • ESingular updated for emacs 22
  • licences for all parts of SINGULAR clarified (see Preface)

New SINGULAR functions

  • new command: kernel (see kernel)
  • new command: sqrfree (see sqrfree)
  • command changed: the first argument to monitor should be an ASCII link. (see monitor)
  • command extended: eliminate: variables to eliminate may also be given as intvec. (see eliminate)

Internal Changes

  • handling of large input for std improved
  • interred implemented in a different way
  • kbase honors the attribute "isHomog"
  • jacob accepts modules and matrices
  • gcd over algebraic extensions of the rationals implemented in a different way
  • new build target: libsingular.a (for gfan etc.)
  • code variants now depend on CPU type, not OS
  • better test for built-in limits (see Limitations)
  • operator new(size_t,const std::nothrow_t&) now also overloaded

New SINGULAR libraries

  • surfex: new version 0.90 (see surfex_lib).
  • new library: redcgs.lib (see redcgs_lib: Reduced Comprehensive Groebner Systems)
  • new library: tropical.lib (see tropical_lib: Computations in Tropical Geometry)
  • new library: polymake.lib (see polymake_lib: Computations with polytopes and fans, interface to polymake and TOPCOM)
  • new library: sing4ti2.lib (see sing4ti2_lib: interface to 4ti2
  • new library: decodegb.lib (see decodegb_lib: Generating and solving systems of polynomial equations for decoding and finding the minimum distance of linear codes)
  • new library: dmodapp.lib (see dmodapp_lib: applications of D-modules)
  • new library: bfun.lib global (see bfun_lib: Bernstein-Sato polynomial)
  • new library: freegb.lib (see freegb_lib): Twosided Non-commutative Groebner bases in Free Algebras
  • new library: jacobson.lib (see jacobson_lib): Algorithms for Smith and Jacobson Normal Form
  • contributed library: cimonom.lib (see cimonom_lib): determines if the toric ideal of an affine monomial curve is a complete intersection
  • contributed library: phindex.lib (see phindex_lib): Poincare-Hopf index of a real analytic vector field

Changed SINGULAR libraries

  • normal.lib ( normal_lib): changed structure of the result,
    new algorithms have been implemented which improve the performance
  • elim.lib ( elim_lib): elim, nselect, select, select1: changed syntax
  • homolog.lib: kernel renamed to hom_kernel.
    (See also kernel, alg_kernel).
  • matrix.lib ( matrix_lib): new commands for computing symmetric/exterior powers/bases
  • surf.lib: new command surfer: interface to program surfer
    (See surf_lib).
  • teachstd.lib ( teachstd_lib): spoly works now in non-commutative algebras and standard can thus be used there. However, since product criterion is a priori not applicable in the non-commutative case, one may want to disable it first (see prodcrit for details).
  • many changes of names in libraries (to have a more consistent naming scheme)