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Release of SINGULAR 3-0-4

available for most Unix platforms:

News for version 3.0.4


  • licence changed: due to the need to use stuff under (L)GPL3, all parts of SINGULAR are licenced under GPL (resp. LGPL) version 2, or (at your option) version 3
  • new command: ( univariate): test polynomials for being univariate.
  • new command: ( variables): list of all variables occuring in a polynomial, ideal or matrix.
  • syntax change: ncalgebra should be substituted by nc_algebra. ncalgebra is now depreciated, but still supported
  • library nctools_lib updated to use nc_algebra,
    Weyl, Exterior, findimAlgebra do not change the current ring but return the new structure
  • kernel: use Conway polynomials and support more finite fields