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D.4.4 cisimplicial_lib

. Determines if the toric ideal of a simplicial toric variety is a complete intersection

I.Bermejo, ibermejo@ull.es
I.Garcia-Marco, iggarcia@ull.es

A library for determining if a simplicial toric ideal is a complete intersection with NO NEED of computing explicitly a system of generators of such ideal. The procedures are based on two papers: I. Bermejo, I. Garcia-Marco and J.J. Salazar-Gonzalez: 'An algorithm for checking whether the toric ideal of an affine monomial curve is a complete intersection', J. Symbolic Computation 42 (2007) pags: 971--991 and I.Bermejo and I. Garcia-Marco: 'Complete intersections in simplicial toric varieties', Preprint (2010)


D.4.4.1 minMult  computes the minimum multiple of a that belongs to the semigroup generated by b
D.4.4.2 belongSemigroup  checks whether A*x = v has a nonnegative integral solution
D.4.4.3 oneDimBelongSemigroup  checks whether v*x = n has a nonnegative integral solution
D.4.4.4 cardGroup  computes the cardinal of Z^m / ZA
D.4.4.5 isCI  checks wether I(A) is a complete intersection