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D.5.9 JMSConst_lib

A library for Singular which constructs J-Marked Schemes.
Michela Ceria, email: michela.ceria@unito.it

The library performs the J-marked computation, as described in [BCLR]. As in JMBTest.lib we construct the V polynomials and we reduce the EK polynomials w.r.t. them, putting the coefficients as results.

The algorithm terminates only if the ordering is rp. Anyway, the number of reduction steps is bounded.

[CR] Francesca Cioffi, Margherita Roggero,Flat Families by Strongly Stable Ideals and a Generalization of Groebner Bases, J. Symbolic Comput. 46, 1070-1084, (2011).
[BCLR] Cristina Bertone, Francesca Cioffi, Paolo Lella, Margherita Roggero, Upgraded methods for the effective computation of marked schemes on a strongly stable ideal, Journal of Symbolic Computation
(2012), http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jsc.2012.07.006


D.5.9.1 BorelCheck  checks whether the given ideal is Borel
D.5.9.2 JMarkedScheme  computes authomatically all the J-marked scheme
See also: JMBTest_lib; JMSConst_lib.