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D.6 Singularities

D.6.1 alexpoly_lib  resolution graph and Alexander polynomial
D.6.2 arcpoint_lib  truncations of arcs at a singular point
D.6.3 classify_lib  procedures for the Arnold-classifier of singularities
D.6.4 curvepar_lib  procedures for space curves
D.6.5 deform_lib  procedures for computing miniversal deformation
D.6.6 equising_lib  procedures for equisingularity strata
D.6.7 gmssing_lib  procedures for gauss-manin system of a singularity
D.6.8 gmspoly_lib  procedures for gauss-manin system of cohomologically tame polynomials
D.6.9 hnoether_lib  procedures for the Hamburger-Noether (Puiseux) development
D.6.10 kskernel_lib  procedures for kernel of the kodaira-spencer map
D.6.11 mondromy_lib  procedures to compute the monodromy of a singularity
D.6.12 qhmoduli_lib  procedures for moduli spaces of sqh-singularities
D.6.13 sing_lib  procedures for computing invariants of singularities
D.6.14 spcurve_lib  procedures for cm codimension 2 singularities
D.6.15 spectrum_lib  procedures for computing singularity spectra
D.6.16 surfacesignature_lib  signature of surface singularities