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Procedure from library fpadim.lib (see fpadim_lib).

iv2lpList(L); L a list of intmats


Converting a list of intmats into an ideal of corresponding monomials
The rows of the intmat corresponds to an intvec, which stores the
For the encoding of the variables see the overview.

- The rows of each intmat in L must correspond to a Letterplace monomial
- basering has to be a Letterplace ring

LIB "fpadim.lib";
ring r = 0,(x,y,z),dp;
def R = makeLetterplaceRing(5); // constructs a Letterplace ring
setring R; // sets basering to Letterplace ring
intmat u[3][1] = 1,1,2; intmat v[1][3] = 2,1,3; intmat w[2][3] = 3,1,1,2,3,1;
// defines intmats of different size containing intvec representations of
// monomials as rows
list L = u,v,w;
print(u); print(v); print(w); // shows the intmats contained in L
==>      1
==>      1
==>      2
==>      2     1     3
==>      3     1     1
==>      2     3     1
iv2lpList(L); // returns the corresponding monomials as an ideal
==> _[1]=x(1)
==> _[2]=y(1)
==> _[3]=y(1)*x(2)*z(3)
==> _[4]=z(1)*x(2)*x(3)
==> _[5]=y(1)*z(2)*x(3)