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D.11.2 control_lib

Algebraic analysis tools for System and Control Theory

Oleksandr Iena, yena@mathematik.uni-kl.de
Markus Becker, mbecker@mathematik.uni-kl.de
Viktor Levandovskyy, levandov@mathematik.uni-kl.de

Forschungsschwerpunkt 'Mathematik und Praxis' (Project of Dr. E. Zerz and V. Levandovskyy), University of Kaiserslautern


D.11.2.1 control  analysis of controllability-related properties of R (using Ext modules)
D.11.2.2 controlDim  analysis of controllability-related properties of R (using dimension)
D.11.2.3 autonom  analysis of autonomy-related properties of R (using Ext modules)
D.11.2.4 autonomDim  analysis of autonomy-related properties of R (using dimension)
D.11.2.5 leftKernel  a left kernel of R
D.11.2.6 rightKernel  a right kernel of R
D.11.2.7 leftInverse  a left inverse of R
D.11.2.8 rightInverse  a right inverse of R
D.11.2.9 colrank  a column rank of M as of matrix
D.11.2.10 genericity  analysis of the genericity of parameters
D.11.2.11 canonize  Groebnerification for modules in the output of control or autonomy procs
D.11.2.12 iostruct  computes an IO-structure of behavior given by a module R
D.11.2.13 findTorsion  generators of the submodule of a module R, annihilated by the ideal I
D.11.2.14 controlExample  set up an example from the mini database inside of the library
D.11.2.15 view  well-formatted output of lists, modules and matrices