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Index Entry Section

ecartD.12.4.1 ecart
echo5.3.2 echo
ECoefD.5.12.10 ECoef
ECPPD.12.2.35 ECPP
EdatalistD.5.12.7 Edatalist
Edelman-ReinerD.14.1.28 arrEdelmanReiner
edge, highest5.3.5 noether
Editing input3.1.5 Editing input
Editing SINGULAR input files with Emacs3.2.5 Editing SINGULAR input files with Emacs
eexgcdND.12.2.4 eexgcdN
effectiveD.5.4.10 effective
egcdMainD.8.10.6 egcdMain
ehrhartRingD.4.26.4 ehrhartRing
eigenvalsD.3.2.18 eigenvals
eigenvalue5.1.123 qrds
eigenvalueD.3.2.18 eigenvals
eigenvaluesD.4.36.4 eigenvalues
elemSymmIdD.2.8.2 elemSymmId
elimD.4.7.3 elim
elim.libD.4.7 elim_lib
elim1D.4.7.4 elim1
elim2D.4.7.5 elim2
elim_libD.4.7 elim_lib
eliminate5.1.28 eliminate
eliminate (plural)7.3.5 eliminate (plural)
eliminateNC7.5.19.0. eliminateNC
elimination7.5.19 ncpreim_lib
EliminationA.3.3 Elimination
elimlinearpartD.8.3.2 elimlinearpart
elimpartD.8.3.3 elimpart
elimpartanyrD.8.3.4 elimpartanyr
elimrepD.5.12.11 elimrep
elimRingD.4.7.2 elimRing
elimWeight7.5.19.0. elimWeight
elliptic curveD.4.8.3 propagator
elliptic curvesD.4.8 ellipticcovers_lib
elliptic curvesD.4.8.6 gromovWitten
elliptic curvesD.4.8.7 computeGromovWitten
ellipticAddD.12.2.25 ellipticAdd
ellipticAllPointsD.12.2.30 ellipticAllPoints
ellipticcovers.libD.4.8 ellipticcovers_lib
ellipticcovers_libD.4.8 ellipticcovers_lib
ellipticMultD.12.2.26 ellipticMult
ellipticNFD.13.4.10 ellipticNF
ellipticRandomCurveD.12.2.27 ellipticRandomCurve
ellipticRandomPointD.12.2.28 ellipticRandomPoint
else5.2.9 if
Emacs3.2 Emacs user interface
Emacs, a quick guide3.2.1 A quick guide to Emacs
Emacs, customization of Singular mode3.2.4 Customization of the Emacs interface
Emacs, editing Singular input files3.2.5 Editing SINGULAR input files with Emacs
Emacs, important commands3.2.6 Top 20 Emacs commands
Emacs, overview3.2.1 A quick guide to Emacs
Emacs, running Singular under3.2.2 Running SINGULAR under Emacs
Emacs, Singular demo mode3.2.3 Demo mode
Emacs, user interface3.2 Emacs user interface
EmaxcontD.5.12.12 Emaxcont
embedMat7.5.20.0. embedMat
emptyFanD.13.2.44 emptyFan
encodeD.10.2.5 encode
endomorphism filtrationD.6.13.11 endvfilt
endvfiltD.6.13.11 endvfilt
ensureLeftNcfrac7.5.15.0. ensureLeftNcfrac
ensureRightNcfrac7.5.15.0. ensureRightNcfrac
Enumerative geometryD.5.17 schubert_lib
enumpoints.libD.15.3 enumpoints_lib
enumpoints_libD.15.3 enumpoints_lib
envelopD.2.4.12 envelop
envelopD.2.4.12 envelop
envelopD.2.4.13 locusto
envelopD.2.4.15 AssocTanToEnv
envelopD.2.4.16 FamElemsAtEnvCompPoints
envelope7.3.6 envelope
enveloping algebra5.1.153 system
enveloping algebra7.5.1 bimodules_lib
environment variable, DISPLAY3.1.3 The online help system
environment variablesE.5 Used environment variables
EOrdlistD.5.12.8 EOrdlist
equalD.15.2.19 difformEqu
EqualD.5.8.2 Equal
equalD.15.2.20 difformNeq
equalD.15.2.40 derivationEqu
equalD.15.2.41 derivationNeq
equalJinID.6.2.4 equalJinI
equalMultiDegD.15.11.38 equalMultiDeg
equationsD.13.2.18 equations
equidimD.4.28.16 equidim
equidimMaxD.4.28.17 equidimMax
equidimMaxEHVD.4.28.18 equidimMaxEHV
equidimZD.4.29.6 equidimZ
equiRadicalD.4.28.14 equiRadical
equising.libD.6.12 equising_lib
equising_libD.6.12 equising_lib
equisingular Tjurina numberD.6.1 alexpoly_lib
equisingularity idealD.6.12.2 esIdeal
equisingularity stratumD.6.12.3 esStratum
EresolD.5.12.2 Eresol
error recovery3.1.2 The SINGULAR prompt
errorInsertD.10.2.8 errorInsert
errormapD.15.4.14 errormap
errorRandD.10.2.9 errorRand
esIdealD.6.12.2 esIdeal
ESingular, CYGWINCYGWIN and ESingular
essentialD.14.1.20 arrIsEssential
essentialD.14.1.21 arrEssentialize
esStratumD.6.12.3 esStratum
etaD.13.4.5 eta
eulerD.12.1.5 euler
EulerAffD.5.2.60 EulerAff
eulerChProjD.5.2.43 eulerChProj
eulerPolynomialTableD.15.21.9 eulerPolynomialTable
EulerProjD.5.2.61 EulerProj
eval5.1.29 eval
evalJacobianAtBoxD.8.8.9 evalJacobianAtBox
evalPolyAtBoxD.8.8.8 evalPolyAtBox
evalPolyAtBox2D.8.2.7 evalPolyAtBox2
evaluate_reynoldsD.7.1.12 evaluate_reynolds
evaluateFormalDivisorD.5.4.12 evaluateFormalDivisor
evaluatepfdD.15.12.3 evaluatepfd
evaluateProductD.13.3.22 evaluateProduct
evaluationD.15.2.42 derivationEval
Evaluation of logical expressions6.3.2 Evaluation of logical expressions
evalutateIntegralD.4.8.5 evalutateIntegral
exactness recoveryD.8.7 recover_lib
example5.1.31 example
exampleD.14.1.22 arrBoolean
exampleD.14.1.23 arrBraid
exampleD.14.1.24 arrTypeB
exampleD.14.1.25 arrTypeD
exampleD.14.1.26 arrRandom
exampleD.14.1.27 arrRandomCentral
exampleD.14.1.28 arrEdelmanReiner
ExamplesA. Examples
Examples of ring declarations3.3.1 Examples of ring declarations
Examples of use of Letterplace7.7.1 Examples of use of LETTERPLACE
Examples of use of Letterplace over Z7.7.2 Example of use of LETTERPLACE over Z
exclusionTestD.8.2.8 exclusionTest
execute5.1.32 execute
exit5.2.13 quit
Exp for matricesD.5.10.2 matrixExp
exp2ptD.11.4.4 exp2pt
Experimental librariesD.15 Experimental libraries
exponentsD.14.1.32 arrExponents
export5.2.6 export
exportNuminvsD.4.26.12 exportNuminvs
exportto5.2.7 exportto
exppD.5.17.36 expp
expression list4. Data types
expression list7.2 Data types (plural)
ExtD.4.11.6 Ext
Ext, computation ofA.3.6 Computation of Ext
ext-module7.5.23 purityfiltration_lib
Ext_RD.4.11.5 Ext_R
extcurveD.10.1.5 extcurve
extdevelopD.6.15.3 extdevelop
extendedTensor7.5.19.0. extendedTensor
extendGCD.2.4.9 extendGC
extendpolyD.2.4.8 extendpoly
extendringD.2.12.7 extendring
extendWeyl7.5.14.0. extendWeyl
extension of ringsD.4.30.3 splitring
Exterior7.5.20.0. Exterior
exterior basisD.3.1.29 exteriorBasis
exterior powerD.3.1.31 exteriorPower
exteriorBasisD.3.1.29 exteriorBasis
exteriorPowerD.3.1.31 exteriorPower
extgcd5.1.33 extgcd
Extra weight vectorB.2.8 Extra weight vector
extractS7.5.6.0. extractS

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