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D.15 Experimental libraries

This sections collect libraries in the beta test phase. Everything in these libraries may change.

For the minimal requirements and guidelines see Libraries.

Comments should be send to the author of the library directly.

D.15.1 algemodstd_lib  Groebner bases of ideals in rings over algebraic number fields
D.15.2 arr_lib  algorithms for arrangements of hyperplanes
D.15.3 brillnoether_lib  Riemann-Roch spaces of divisors on curves
D.15.4 classifyceq_lib  simple hypersurface singularities in charateristic p > 0
D.15.5 classifyci_lib  isolated complete intersection singularities in char 0
D.15.6 divisors_lib  Divisors and P-Divisors
D.15.7 ellipticcovers_lib  Gromov Witten numbers of elliptic curves
D.15.8 finitediff_lib  finite difference schemes for linear differential equations
D.15.9 gitfan_lib  Compute GIT-fans
D.15.10 gradedModules_lib  Operations with graded modules/matrices/resolutions
D.15.11 hess_lib  Riemann-Roch space of divisors on function fields and curves
D.15.12 orbitparam_lib  Parametrizing unipotent orbits
D.15.13 modular_lib  abstraction layer for modular techniques
D.15.14 multigrading_lib  Multigradings and related computations
D.15.15 numerAlg_lib  Numerical Algebraic Algorithms
D.15.16 numerDecom_lib  Bertini interface
D.15.17 parallel_lib  Tools for parallelization
D.15.18 realclassify_lib  Classification of real singularities
D.15.19 resources_lib  Tools to manage the computational resources
D.15.20 tasks_lib  A parallel framework based on tasks
D.15.21 derham_lib  Computation of deRham cohomology (Singular 4)
D.15.22 schreyer_lib  Helpers for Schreyer resolution