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D.4 Commutative algebra

D.4.1 absfact_lib  absolute factorization for characteristic 0
D.4.2 algebra_lib  procedures for computing with algebras and maps
D.4.3 assprimeszerodim_lib  associated primes of a zero-dimensional ideal
D.4.4 cisimplicial_lib  is the toric ideal of a simplicial toric variety a complete intersection?
D.4.5 elim_lib  procedures for elimination, saturation and blowing up
D.4.6 ellipticcovers_lib  Gromov Witten numbers of elliptic curves
D.4.7 grwalk_lib  Groebner walk and Fraktal walk
D.4.8 homolog_lib  procedures for homological algebra
D.4.9 integralbasis_lib  Integral basis in algebraic function fields
D.4.10 intprog_lib  Integer Programming
D.4.11 locnormal_lib  Normalization of affine domains using local methods
D.4.12 modnormal_lib  Normalization of affine domains using modular methods
D.4.13 modstd_lib  Groebner basis of ideals via modular computations
D.4.14 monomialideal_lib  Primary and irreducible decompositions of monomial ideals
D.4.15 mprimdec_lib  procedures for primary decomposition of modules
D.4.16 mregular_lib  procedures for Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity
D.4.17 noether_lib  Noether normalization of an ideal
D.4.18 normal_lib  procedure for normalization
D.4.19 normaliz_lib  integral closure, normalization for monomial ideals, toric ideals
D.4.20 pointid_lib  factorized lex GB of the vanishing ideal of a set of points
D.4.21 primdec_lib  procedures for primary decomposition
D.4.22 primdecint_lib  primary decomposition over the integers
D.4.23 primitiv_lib  procedures for finding a primitive element
D.4.24 realrad_lib  procedures for finding the real radical
D.4.25 reesclos_lib  Rees Algebra and integral closure of an ideal
D.4.26 sagbi_lib  Subalgebras bases Analogous to Groebner bases for ideals
D.4.27 sing4ti2_lib  interface to program 4ti2
D.4.28 symodstd_lib  Groebner bases for symmetric ideals
D.4.29 toric_lib  toric ideals