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3.7.3 Help string

Constitutes the help text of a procedure.
USAGE:    <proc_name>(<parameter list>);   <explanation of parameters>
ASSUME:  <description of assumptions made>
RETURN:   <description of what is returned>
SIDE EFFECTS:  <description of global objects generated or manipulated,
but not returned>
REMARKS: <information on theory and implemented  algorithms,references>
NOTE:    <particularities, limitations, additional details>
KEYWORDS: <semicolon-separated phrases of index keys>
SEE ALSO: <comma-separated names of related procedures/cross references>
EXAMPLE:  example <proc_name>; shows an example
  • ASSUME, SIDE EFFECTS, KEYWORDS, and SEE ALSO are optional. No help string is required for static procedures.
  • EXAMPLE: refers to the example section of the procedure. In a SINGULAR session, the example will be carried out upon entering example <proc_name>; if the procedure is loaded from a file by the LIB or load command (see LIB and see load ). No example section is allowed if the procedure is defined interactively.
  • See Typesetting of help and info strings for help strings in the SINGULAR documentation.
  • See the example in Procedures in a library for an illustration.