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D.1 standard_lib

The library standard.lib provides extensions to the set of built-in commands and is automatically loaded during the start of SINGULAR, unless SINGULAR is started up with the --no-stdlib command line option (see Command line options).

Procedures which are always loaded at Start-up


5.1.148 stdfglm  standard basis of ideal via fglm [and ordering ord]
5.1.149 stdhilb  Hilbert driven Groebner basis of ideal
5.1.51 groebner  standard basis using a heuristically chosen method
5.1.130 res  free resolution of ideal or module
5.1.144 sprintf  returns fomatted string
5.1.44 fprintf  writes formatted string to link
5.1.118 printf  displays formatted string
5.1.169 weightKB  degree dd part of a kbase w.r.t. some weigths
D.1.1 qslimgb  computes a standard basis with slimgb in a qring
D.1.2 par2varRing  create a ring making pars to vars, together with i
5.1.15 datetime  return date and time as a string
5.1.85 max  maximum of i_1, ..., i_k
5.1.88 min  minimum of i_1, ..., i_k