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D.2 General purpose

D.2.1 all_lib  load all other libraries
D.2.2 compregb_lib  comprehensive Groebner base system
D.2.3 general_lib  procedures of general type
D.2.4 grobcov_lib  Groebner Cover for parametric ideals
D.2.5 inout_lib  procedures for manipulating in- and output
D.2.6 modular_lib  abstraction layer for modular techniques
D.2.7 parallel_lib  Tools for parallelization
D.2.8 poly_lib  procedures for manipulating polynomials and ideals
D.2.9 random_lib  procedures of random/sparse matrix and polynomial operations
D.2.10 resources_lib  Tools to manage the computational resources
D.2.11 ring_lib  procedures for manipulating rings and maps
D.2.12 tasks_lib  A parallel framework based on tasks